Ever wonder why you don’t have the abundance in your life you want to manifest? Understanding that abundance flow in your life is proportionally equal to the amount of fear you have is very powerful and enabling. Remove the fear and the abundance will flow.

There are many ways we’ve been programmed to subconsciously hold onto fear, and many of us are not even aware that we’re running those programs. News, entertainment, parents, friends and influential people have unknowingly contributed to writing and perpetuating these fear programs in us, many of which were written when we were too young to filter them. In order to fully receive abundance, it is critical to address these subconscious, outdated and unnecessary fear-based programs.

In the Fear and Abundance Workshop, you’ll learn how to address and eliminate the fear in your life that has been holding you back from achieving true abundance. Once fear is eliminated, abundance will flow naturally to you and Peter Schenk will show you how this works. The psychological, physical and financial returns you receive from attending will astound and delight you.


Picture a river whose flow had been stagnated for years due to multiple beaver dams. I feel like the dams have been broken up and the river is finally free to flow again. Money and jobs are starting to trickle in, just enough to keep me afloat and moving forward. Asking and receiving is now working regarding money whereas before it didn’t. Thanks Peter.

Excellent energy work and information…if you want something that works and does what it says it will, this is it.

Workshop Includes

  • Pre-recorded audio session with Peter Schenk


  • The blocks that can inhibit abundance
  • How to let go of fear
  • Getting comfortable with receiving

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The Fear and Abundance Workshop is designed to eliminate the fear in your life that has been holding you back from achieving true abundance.

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