Fear Blockages

We have all heard the acronym FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear holds us back from living our true selves. To be true to our self we must abandon fear. Growing up you were told to not do “that” or “that” is not a good idea or why would you want to do “that”? Stop consulting with others that live in fear. Most likely those are your family and friends telling you to hold back.

People who are afraid of change find it hard to support others making changes in their life. Embracing change takes courage. Embracing new ideas that are different from other beliefs that you held takes courage. Doing something different requires inner strength to stay the course. The unknown can be scary, however staying in the same situation can be more detrimental to your health and well-being. You are here for a reason. That reason is to clear stuck energy and learn to move forward. Don’t let your FEAR stop you from learning different techniques.

This FREE Energetic Workshop Is Designed to Move Stuck Energy and Fear Blocks

  • Teach you how to recognize when you are stuck
  • Learn how to trust your “knowing” self
  • Learn about Sacred Geometry
  • Receive Sacred Geometry patterns to use during and after the workshop
  • Participate in “hands on” energy releasing session

This is a pre-recorded workshop from July 20, 2016.

This FREE workshop is an hour of discussion and mind blowing energy. Please have one to two glasses of water, pen and paper for the workshop. For the best optimal experience, please be in a place free of distractions. Open your mind to allow the stuck energy to be released.

This FREE session is valued at $400!

$400 FREE

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