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Harmonic Field Amplifier +

Aura Adjustment for Your Environment

Create a sacred space with this life-enhancement tool that not only removes old, stuck negative energy in a room… it also transmutes it into balanced, positive vibrations you can feel. The Harmonic Field Amplifier Plus (HFA+) builds upon the revolutionary principles behind the HFA device for automobile use, but it is infused with even more powerful zero point technology to cleanse the energy in larger physical spaces.

The HFA+ cleanses and charges the atmosphere around it; and it is strong enough to cover your entire home or office! Think of it as “spring cleaning” on an energetic level. Imagine a more peaceful office space where colleagues are happier and more productive. Or a home that feels more comfortable and supportive, allowing you to truly reset and refresh each day. Now make those visions a reality – it’s easy with the HFA+. Place it wherever you want to cleanse and invigorate unhealthy, negative or stuck energy. If you’d like to give it an extra boost, place both hands on it and focus your intentions for 10 seconds. Then, go about your day and watch how things just seem to fall into place more easily.

The HFA+ uses copper and silver, two metals popular in ancient Egyptian times for their energetic and spiritual effects. When used in a specific configuration, have been shown to induce properties of zero point energy. This energy can be considered to have infinite potential. Once activated by your intentions or wishes, it charges everything in the space around it and clears the atmosphere of all unwanted frequencies.

Harmonic Field Amplifier

A New Way to Travel

What if there were a product that was so far outside the typical “box” that the mere prospect of acquiring it for your car made you excited to drive in the morning?

What if there were a product that defied logic but was completely in line with your intuition about how things should work?

What if there were a new way to tap into potential that you didn’t even know existed?

What if you were reading about the product right now?

What Is the Harmonic Field Amplifier?

Quite simply, it’s a device that changes the way you perceive while you’re driving a vehicle. Typically, you should think of two energies possible: harmonious, balanced energy—and energy that is out of whack.

The HFA takes the “energies” in your vehicle that aren’t in harmony—and moves them through what is called a zero point. Returning that energy in harmony gives your vehicle the energy it needs.

Think of it as automatic Feng Shui for your car.

Harmonic Field Amplifier Mini

Your Personal Quantum Shield

Please be advised that the HFA Mini does not have a clear protective coating. This is because the field being generated needs to have a clear connection with the person of whom is wearing the device, unlike the other two HFA’s. Because of the purity of the copper and silver you may experience some tarnishing due to exposure to the air and energy running through the device. You may have to use some tarnish wipes or cleaner when this happens.

Protect yourself and those you love from unwanted negativity, unhealthy energy… even road rage! The Harmonic Field Amplifier Mini harnesses the same breakthrough technology as the HFA+, but in a beautifully compact pendant that you can wear or carry in your pocket.

The universe is made up of energy. Whether we notice it or not, we come into contact with positive and negative emotional energy all of the time. Interacting with friends or family, talking with coworkers, even passing by others on the street can cause a shift in our own emotional energy by association. If everybody was healthy and in a good mood all of the time, this wouldn’t be a problem. But we all know that isn’t the case.

*PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on HFA products

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