Terra Resonator —
If You Can Dream It, You Can Have It

Prepare yourself for the ultimate manifestation tool. The Terra Resonator employs powerful Earth energy to help you release and receive.

Are Your Dreams Taking Longer to Manifest Than You’d Like?

Do You Have Trouble Releasing Negative Beliefs or Doubts?

Everyone Does…

That’s because every wish, every desire is intimately connected to its opposite in a yin and yang balance. The key is to make sure that when you are focusing on something you want to manifest, that you are not consciously or subconsciously focusing on the lack of it — because any focus on the lack of it will continue to push it away from you. This is the Law of Attraction, a spiritual law that is just as consistent and observable as gravity or thermodynamics. Have you ever wanted something so badly that it almost hurt? You might think that focusing on the thing you want will draw it to you, but if you’re having strong feelings about the lack of it in your life, your attempt at manifesting it will backfire and push it even further away.

So… how do we get around this? How can we avoid focusing on the unwanted when it is staring us in the face? Meet the Terra Resonator — a brand new, powerful transformative energy tool that was designed to assist in amplifying wanted intentions and releasing all focus from the unwanted.

The first of its kind on the planet, the Terra Resonator uses sacred geometry, earth elements, symbols, crystal resonators and energy channeling in order to draw in sacred wisdom from your own inner being and avoid the common pitfall of focusing your energy in the wrong place.

See the Terra Resonator in Action

Features of the Terra Resonator

  • The only spiritual machine like it on the planet!
  • Uses Sacred Geometric and Ancient Symbolic Enhancements
  • Comes with US-sourced Jet and Quartz Crystals and Rare Czech Moldavite
  • Powerful Attractor, Energy Cleanser and Amplifier
  • A lifetime of endless practical applications…

Terra Resonator Capabilities

  • Unblock negative energy and doubt
  • Achieve faster and more effortless manifestations
  • Gain greater clarity and enhanced problem-solving abilities

Feel Its Transformative Energy

The Terra Resonator is a precisely calculated spiritual machine — and from the moment you use it, you’ll be able to feel its transformative energy. Using wisdom of the ancients, it combines earth elements, natural and meteorite-formed crystals and 99.9% pure, industrial-grade Quartz in order to help you and anything you place upon it to resonate with a pure, positive, manifestational frequency.


Moldavite Crystal

Connected to the Heart Chakra, moldavite is an excellent stone for connecting with your true heart’s desires and helping you achieve balance, rejuvenation and personal fulfillment. Created by meteorites millions of years ago, moldavite is a stone that fuses earth energy with that of other worlds. It is a stone of universal possibility — allowing you to manifest anything you can imagine!

Because of its unique and powerful frequency, moldavite’s energy can often be felt as physical and/or emotional sensations. When people experience this stone for the first time, reports of mild dizziness, heat, sweating and emotional release are not uncommon. If this happens to you, take it easy and give yourself a few days to adjust to the stone’s frequency. The symptoms are harmless and they will subside.

Jet Crystal

The ultimate representation of earth energy, Jet crystal is created from wood that has been high-pressure compacted for millions of years. This concentrated natural energy brings with it a wealth of knowledge that assists in guiding you physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to accomplish your goals.

Just as the ancient trees from which it is made would draw up water and purify it through their root systems, jet acts in a similar way to cleanse negative and self-sabotaging thoughts and energies. It encourages a gentle release of old beliefs, negative emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you or those around you.

Once jet has done its work, you are in a much better position to transmit your own uncontaminated positive energy that will easily attract the results you seek.


Known as a master healer, quartz crystals have been used by humans for thousands of years. It is made up of earth’s two most prevalent elements: silicon and oxygen. But don’t let the abundance of its makeup fool you: this is one powerful crystal. Because it is capable of vibrating at a constant, unfaltering frequency, and also capable of responding to energy around it, quartz is used in numerous high tech applications, from clocks to microprocessors.

With the Terra Resonator, we’re using 99.9% pure lab-grade quartz to tune and align what is arguably the most complex structure on the planet — the human being. In energy work, quartz is seen as a very useful crystal, perhaps the backbone of all crystals, because it strengthens the structure of the aura, the basis upon which all other energy work is based.

What’s more, it is a master transmitter. To put it in perspective, we’ve seen miraculous results with all of our water-based products, in part because of water’s ability to transmit vibrations at a faster speed than air. But the quartz plate used in the Terra Resonator transmits vibrations at 3.5 times the speed of water and nearly 17 times the speed of air! Now, imagine what you can accomplish by letting the Quartz transmit your intentions vs. merely saying it aloud.

How Does the Terra Resonator Work?

Spiral channels draw up earth energy that activates the earth’s four elements and focus it through Moldavite crystals, powerful stones created by meteorites millions of years ago. Moldavite amplifies all of your desires and feelings, even the ones of which you are not consciously aware!

Even more channels in the device circulate Moldavite’s energy to a large, highly polished Jet crystal. And here’s where the magic begins. Jet crystal acts like a cleaner to help you release all of the unwanted feelings and doubts you may have about achieving your desires, and it even assists in helping you find uncommon solutions to problems you might not have even considered previously. An industrial-grade, 99.9% pure Quartz crystal plate sits above the Jet crystal, harnessing and amplifying it’s vibration, so that you can place anything you desire on it to purify, enhance and direct your positive intentions for the most powerful, focused manifestation you’ve ever experienced!

Harmonizing the Elements

Since ancient times, it is believed that the world is made up of four basic elements, the combination of which governs our existence. In order to maintain optimal balance and health, we must pay special attention to each of these elements and ensure that we are nurturing all of them in our daily lives. The Terra Resonator integrates the ancient, true symbols for each of these elements, adding stability and balance while harmonizing their power.


The Earth element symbolizes prosperity, fertility, stability and physical abundance. It helps you feel “grounded” so that you can approach your desires from a solid, calm perspective.


Associated with powerful cleansing, communication, imagination, harmony and travel, the air element sweeps away old fears and gives you a fresh start.


Another cleansing element, the water element also brings with it healing, the ability to flow with changes and unconditional love.


A symbol of destruction and creation, the fire element contains transformational and purifying power. It assists with energy, passion, freedom and courage.

Results may include:

  • Release of spiritual and emotional blockages
  • Magnification of conscious and subconscious intentions
  • Greater awareness and creative problem-solving guidance
  • Improvements in relationships, financial health, emotional stability

The Terra Resonator Set Includes:

  • Terra Resonator wood composite Earth-energy channeling device
  • Four pieces of authentic, natural Czech Moldavite
  • One piece of authentic, natural Jet Crystal
  • Lab-created, 99.9% pure Quartz manifestation plate
  • Beautifully-designed matching storage box


Setting Up Your Terra Resonator

Carefully remove the main unit from the box and place it in an undisturbed area of your house. Because you’ll need to leave your Terra Resonator out overnight, it is important that you keep it in a safe place away from anything that might disturb it or knock it over.

Open each of the small packages and remove the crystals and quartz plate. Place a green Moldavite crystal in each one of the four inverted pyramid corners, and add the remaining black or brown polished Jet crystal to the inverted pyramid in the center. If you notice any unpleasant symptoms from interacting with the Moldavite (dizziness, headache or faster heartbeat), take a break and finish setting up the Terra Resonator in an hour or so. When you’re ready, remove the Quartz plate from its packaging and place it in the center above the Jet crystal. Now, your Terra Resonator will need 24 hours to acclimate to your environment.

Linking Your Terra Resonator

After 24 hours, place the object of your choosing on top of the Quartz plate, close your eyes and mentally focus on the object and say aloud, “I Honor The Space In Which You Exist.” Wait 33 seconds and now your object is vibrating in tune with your desires! It is okay if you leave the object on the Terra Resonator longer than 33 seconds, but it is not necessary. The possibilities of how to use your Terra Resonator are endless, but some suggestions of objects you might try linking include:

For ultra-hydration and cellular rejuvenation
Meals & Snacks
For optimal weight and better nourishment
Objects of desire or photos of loved ones upon which to focus protection, positive support and manifestation
Written Affirmations
Give your statements a power boost!
Anything can be a symbol, the power lies in the intention you place upon it. Statues, artifacts and even every day objects can be powerful symbols. Get creative with it and have fun!

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