I purchased my Mini in January 2017. It was delivered on a Wednesday. I could feel the energy right through the package. Opening it up was so awesome to see how beautiful it was. I linked myself to the mini immediately and put her in my pocket since the chain I ordered didn’t come yet. I remember Peter saying he had to clean his every other day. I kept checking mine daily and it was staying pretty clean. Well on Sunday my significant other, who is very sensitive, was going through a lot of stuff, a lot of releasing, etc… I just kept doing my thing and just left him be. Well, Monday morning I checked my Mini and it was very tarnished. I was shocked to see how badly tarnished it was and was in dyer need of a cleaning. It protected me from all that interfering energies that happened on Sunday. Thank you dear mini. Another time I was at our county’s beauty pagent in February, where my neice’s daughter was one of the little princesses performing. It was so fun to watch. My neices ex-husband was sitting right behind me. He always has such a heavy anger energy around him that I don’t like being around. It’s interesting. I didn’t even know he was sitting behind me until the intermission 1 hour and 1/2 into the program when I saw him going down the stairs. My neice asked me what I thought of his energy. I told her, I couldn’t even feel his negativity and that was fine with me. Isn’t that interesting. Everyday seems to run more smoothly wearing my mini. I would love to purchase the HFA for the home and office to have the energy more balanced for me, my significant other and our dog Bailey. What a benifit that would be. Love the HFA Mini. She’s become my best friend. We do everything together. Thank you, Peter for the HFA series. The HFA and HFA mini are awesome. Wouldn’t be without them.

Patricia Schmidt March 9, 2017