My Scarlett girl (Standard Schnauzer) has anxiety issues and is extremely stand offish with people, even with my husband and I who were there when she was born. I have tried so many different things with her and all without getting anywhere. After receiving the Q Shields V2 from Peter last year, I activated it and put it on her. Asking the shield to help her be more friendly and for me to be able to pet and cuddle her sometimes. Fast forward a month or two, she is now coming to me regularly for pets, scratches and she will come and lay down and sleep next to me on the bed. I am so happy to be able to have that special time with her. I also noticed that the longer she wears the Q Shields, the more she seems to want to come and spend time with me which makes me a very happy Mum. Thank you Peter! Your products really work!!

Kate Daniel Q shields for animals February 13, 2018