When I first saw the HFA, a new way to travel on Facebook, I cried.Within The HFA, was a part of me.
I did not have the funds to buy it, but I did see it in my minds eye, while driving .
I’ll never forget, a 4 car accident was averted when I got out of the way, split second timing when I pictured the HFA.
I have owned it for a little over six months. I call upon it for help during work zones, heavy traffic, speeders, tailgaiters, etc. I am consistantly out of harms way, or I am led to an exit before the issue.
OKAY, so get this. A neighbor plays a stereo at 2 am every morning. Loudly. I can’t sleep. Not good. I need quiet. This has been going on for 6 weeks.
Three weeks ago, a Saturday, I was out in my car, stopped at a store, Safe in the parking lot. I went into the store & came out to find the battery dead. I called roadside service , he did a jump start, and I was fine.
The next Sunday, the same thing happened.The tech said, go to the dealer, but something is draining the battery. I went to the dealer, they ran tests, found nothing wrong.
Through out this time, I have been thinking about the loud noise issue, and my need for quiet, and sleep.
Then it occurred to me, it must be the HFA.

I took the HFA, out of the car, and put it in the closet between the neighbors wall and mine.

Get this. That night, NO LOUD Music. It is QUIET., and has NOT started again. I mean the wall would shake from the vibration of the sound.

It gets better. Even though the HFA is in the closet, I continue to get off at pre issue exits. I park 2 feet, ( I measured it) before those cement thingys that one could hit with the front of the car in a parking lot, and drivers are more courteous when switching out parking spaces. We wave, or thumbs up, or smile.There is more interaction when appropriate.
Based on my experiences with the HFA, a new way to travel, after you link it to yourself, it learns your ways, and over time, I learned it’s way of communicating.

I absolutely love my HFA MINI, my HFA, a new way to travel, .my MDM Software, Workshops, and Private sessions with Peter. IAM growing, I can feel it, ( I think my MINI is too. ( Feels heavier)

The IAM Presence line is calling to me, as well as the IAM bracelet.

Over time,,it seems that the MDM products and services, all work to do what Peter says they do, only in my case, better. Thank you for your hard work and caring.

Anonymous September 27, 2017