Create a sacred space with this life-enhancement tool that not only removes old, stuck negative energy in a room… it also transmutes it into balanced, positive vibrations you can feel. The Harmonic Field Amplifier Plus (HFA+) builds upon the revolutionary principles behind the HFA device for automobile use, but it is infused with even more powerful zero point technology to cleanse the energy in larger physical spaces.

    The HFA+ cleanses and charges the atmosphere around it; and it is strong enough to cover your entire home or office! Think of it as “spring cleaning” on an energetic level. Imagine a more peaceful office space where colleagues are happier and more productive. Or a home that feels more comfortable and supportive, allowing you to truly reset and refresh each day. Now make those visions a reality – it’s easy with the HFA+. Place it wherever you want to cleanse and invigorate unhealthy, negative or stuck energy. If you’d like to give it an extra boost, place both hands on it and focus your intentions for 10 seconds. Then, go about your day and watch how things just seem to fall into place more easily.

    It’s all about harmony. Have you ever noticed how, when you start your day in a positive mood, more good things seem to happen? Or when one thing goes wrong, bad news just seems to stack up throughout the day? That’s because feelings are energy. And every type of feeling vibrates at a different energetic wavelength. Once we are vibrating with a certain frequency of energy, it can be difficult to change that frequency.

    Now consider the matter that surrounds you – things like your furniture, walls, even your clothes. All of those things absorb the energy that you generate. We all have bad days, but allowing that energy to attach itself to your physical space can set up a recurring loop of negativity that can come back like a boomerang.

    Even when we work hard to remain consciously positive, our own frequencies and those in the space around us can be affected by the energy of others. You might not notice it consciously, but friends, family members, even your letter carrier or passersby can impart an unwanted negative energetic signature on your space. Imagine how those negative energies might affect your outlook… quietly sabotaging your ability to manifest good things in your life. That’s why it’s so important to regularly “clean” and recalibrate our own energy and that of our physical space.

    Think of it like an air purifier or a water filter… but for your entire home or office’s energy field. Unlike other household cleaners, the HFA+ can be used over and over again – imagine what you can achieve over years of consistent use!

    How It Works

    The HFA+ uses copper and silver, two metals popular in ancient Egyptian times for their energetic and spiritual effects. When used in a specific configuration, have been shown to induce properties of zero point energy. This energy can be considered to have infinite potential. Once activated by your intentions or wishes, it charges everything in the space around it and clears the atmosphere of all unwanted frequencies.

    But it’s not just theory. Users have reported feelings of more easily “going with the flow” and enhanced relaxation. They’ve noticed a reduction in feeling bothered or upset, and some have even reported that children who used to fight are more calm and harmonious in its presence!

    Using the HFA+ is a non-intrusive way to reset your environment to its naturally positive state – so that all who enter its field will synchronize to a more peaceful frequency. And when everyone is vibrating in the same frequency, imagine how much more loving and understanding relationships can be. Say goodbye to household squabbles, hurt feelings and misunderstandings at work.

    This beautifully-crafted spiritual tool provides an aura adjustment for any building where it is placed. Try it in your home, business, yoga studio, or give one to friends or family members who need a more peaceful personal sanctuary in order to heal.

    Eliminate the “negativity boomerang” in any environment and watch your dreams unfold more effortlessly than ever before. Now you can create an effortlessly sacred space in your entire home or office with the HFA+.

    *PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on HFA products


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