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I purchase source aprox 2 years ago i have 3-4 and V .

I believe i sent some testimonies through before , but for some reason not reached the site . Source v i found is great with manifestation on health matters as i discovered . I have combined this with prayers and blessing water near and afar . Example . I charged water with the intent to help my mother – cousin – who is in europe wanting help with peace – allergy and swollen hand matters . Results were instant for the rush swollen hand within less than two hours no gp was needed! Healed !
Anxiety vanished – !
Additionally .
I manifested free trainings worth hundreds of pounds when charging the water with the intent : free resources for spiritual growth .

Common colds – several friends recovered from distance simply intending on theit behalf : return to perfect health – cold be gone !

I received replies from people who delayed replying for example to letters – emails sent on personal matters! Thus i charged the water with the intent for me to receive a reply asap . Within less than a day – max 3 days replies have been received!

Loss of wight : several intents to help others on this proved successful ! Within space of a week after the intent , the person was guided to eating healthier . Joining a gym and weight of half a stone lost within space of less than 10 days !

I highly recommend Source V . I use it almost daily . Further i charge – programme water for everyone in my home . Oh ! Must say ! I programmed the intent for peace serenity in an aid freshener ! I used it within the home ! Instantly my kids commented that thy felt more at peace and something had changed ! Go ahead try . You will not be disappointed. Thank you Peter for the blessings you brought forth .

Love and Light

VassAreti Intuitive life cosch healer Angel Reader Source products- ( Source V) mainly February 20, 2018

testimonial about myrrh compass rose

I purchased the Myrrh Compass Rose about 3 months ago. I am renting a house that is over100 years old. I knew I had to have this product, as Ithere have been so may renters here and who knows what else has happened here in that length of time. Within a day the energy of the house has changed. Everything just felt safe and happier. I do have a roommate. He also noticed a significant difference. As time goes on. we have both noticed changes in other ways. We have also began to change personally. My roommate is retired also, but has begun to work more with ex clients. This product has really saved me. It was a stretch for me to buy this, and it is worth everything. When I move, I do not have to worry about the energy of where that is. It seems to work on the house and the people living there. thanks, Joyce

joyce wilson retired yreka,ca. February 20, 2018

Myrrh Compass Rose

The Myrrh Compass Rose holds a special place in my heart. A friend mentioned Peter to me 3 months ago, and when I looked him up, the myrrh compass rose came up. I procured this product within 48 hours, even though I originally intended to wait. The day before the product’s arrival, one of my ears was buzzing exceptionally loud, and my equilibrium was off. The day after its arrival, the one ear stopped buzzing and my balance returned. We were also in the middle of a wind storm during its arrival, however the sense of safety and calm prevailed throughout the house. I leave my house every morning knowing that the Myrrh Compass Rose is taking care of the place.

Jenny L California February 19, 2018

Energetic Session

I would suggest getting energetic session(s) with Peter Schenk if you are interested in results. In my case, the result of one session with him created such a palpable change within me that I was able to recapture the feeling of wholeness. The outer change was so noticeable that my friend now complains that I laugh all the time. She has to tell me to stop laughing so she can understand me when I speak. It is not what Peter adds to you, but what he removes, so you can experience the fullness of the Being that you were meant to be. Since my session with him less than 2 months ago, three of my friends have gone to him for sessions without any recommendation from me. They see results, and want to experience the same in their lives. The gift that Peter brings is priceless. I treasure what has been bestowed upon me.

Jenny L California February 19, 2018

My new friend

I love all Peter’s products and I use them daily. Their beauty, power and effectiveness are truly amazing. When I received my newest addition, Terra Resonator I was exited to open this beautifully packaged product. Immediately I felt a tremendous energetic power that came from the Resonator. Its beauty, power and a strong desire to interact with me were astounding!
For the first 24 hrs I just laid my hands on top of TR, honored it and played with the colorful and powerful energy coming through it. This energy would permeate my whole being rebalancing my field with an incredible precision and mastery. This process felt deeply embracing and the energy was very pure, loving and unconditional. I was so jazzed up the fist day that I only slept for 4 hr. The next day I took a super long hike up some very steep hills and still had lots of energy left to do all my chores. I was fully powered by the never ending energetic high vibe source!
After a couple of days of interacting with my new companion I started to ask for more specific things often pertaining to my health: balancing my spinal alignment, more flexibility and ease during daily yoga sessions, clearing specific energetic blocks, balancing and opening of my meridians……
I was amazed and delighted by effortless and swift manifestation of what I asked for. Because of TR my whole life just got a lot bigger and full of new possibilities.
Each time I interact with my TR I push the limit of what I think is possible just a little further. I am now routinely elevating vibration of my food, water and supplements, but what brings me the most joy is interacting with this amazing energy, playing with it, asking for manifestations and observing the incredibly beautiful process of delivery.
This is by far my favorite physical product Peter brought to life. It is powerful beyond belief, beautiful, super effective for manifestations and fun to play with. I feel that I only begun to explore many possibilities of working with TR, but more I interact with it more I am empowered by it to live fully in the moment with grace and gratitude, and to NEVER put any limits on what is possible! πŸ™‚
Thank you Peter for such amazing and life changing product. Once again you beautifully delivered the incredible!

Ania February 19, 2018

Love my HFA Mini

I have had my Mini for a few months now and my life has changed. I feel very connected to the energy of my Mini always. I speak to it whenever I need a little help as in a parking spot, protection in poor weather (I drive for work) and if I am running late, the extra time needed to arrive safely is available to me! The energy is available to me even if my Mini is at home and not with me. I am so much more confident and love the connection to the ancient knowledge and source. Thank you Peter!

Joan Harrison HFA Mini February 19, 2018

Learn to Program Your Water – I Did!

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One just never knows the long-term effect of using Peter Schenk’s products. Peter is known as the Modern Day Mystic and for a very good reason. He is genius at work in all his products which are excellence on multi-levels. He creates products simple to use but encourages each person to become their own master. That is exactly what happened to me. I began to program my water from the source it entered my home, so all my uses of water would be free of the information it had picked up in it’s journey and then through Peter’s program allowing well over 700 choices in the Aquaware 4.0 to be downloaded into my water, I experienced changes in my perception of life itself. Over time I grew to live a life as an alchemist, even as a teacher, and have shared my work in South India for well over ten years in schools, colleges and personal empowerment courses shaped to assisting others to create the life of their dreams. Peter’s software for doing this is ongoing in my life, so it is a forward movement in numerous ways. I feel younger at 72 then I did at 60 having more vitality, strength and tenacity. My memory is excellent, my health is vibrant and I am forever learning so I can be of service to others in this 5th World of Peace we live in. I have also complemented my experiences with his courses and can clearly recommend others to his works. Check out my Youtube: https://youtu.be/QTkcPiHmZdo

Jollean Matsen 3-2160 Sun Peaks Rd, RR 1 Aquaware 4.0 February 19, 2018


I use navitus every day, all day long. Even when we go out I send out navitus to all we will drink. It realy works. All we drink outside is much, much better. Also when we go on our holliday in the mobilehome, we clean the water with navitus. Last year we went for 5 monds and always clean water. Thank you Peter for all your beautifull work, Elly

Elly Visker navitus February 19, 2018

I Am Pyramid Awesomeness…….

I was so pleased and excited about the offers that Peter had going in the last quarter of 2017. He offered them at a buy 2 get 1 free PLUS put down a deposit and pay the balance later deal. That was confirmation that I had to place my order. I have a fearless one, unconditional self love one and a balance pyramid. The fearless one has aided me in manifesting a fear-free zone and the feeling of being able to kick ass and not care about names. Prior to having these pyramids, I had a mean sweet tooth but I’ve noticed that most of the time; I can and do go without that token ‘high’ and the unconditional self love one is definitely helping me to peel back the layers and heal my heart as well as learning to care for me over what others need/want from me. All in All, in less than 4 months, these amazing treasures have and are continuing to play a pivotal role in my evolution. Thank u Pete! U rock! πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸŒ β­

Rena' M. Cain Starting a thriving healing and wellness business!! Vicksburg, Mississippi February 19, 2018

HFA for my car

I know my HFA saved my car and myself from what would of been a nasty accident. I was traveling a country road at 50 miles an hr. Coming up on my right side were 5 deer running toward the road. Right before the road they all turned and ran back the way they had come. Had the deer continued on their original path to cross the road I would of been in serious trouble.

Donna Eibel Reiki master HFA February 19, 2018