I have had my Mini for about three months now. The first thing that it had helped me with was to protect me from friendships that I had no idea was draining me. I was pretty sad at the beginning when it happened, but after only a week totally understood why the friendship had to end. The best thing about it is, I didn’t have to do anything, it was my friend who suddenly avoided me (for no clear reason why) whether in get togethers or even messages.

Another thing I really noticed was the very profound way I see things or issues. It may be an angle or perception that I have not seen before, but makes so much sense, or a way of explaining something in a better and clearer way.

As a mum, I am much calmer and can take control of my emotions better. Of course there are still days when I get frustrated, but the feeling of frustration is nowhere near what I was experiencing before.

i highly recommend an HFA Mini. It really felt like the first job it did for me was to create a force field around me to protect me from the negativity that I wasn’t even aware of. So awesome. Your Mini will have your back like it does mine.

Missy March 8, 2017